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We always aim our projects to be refreshing and addictive. If an old formula was successful? Why not expand on it and make it better? Learn More

All genres

We’re drawn to all the genres. Openminded and open for everything. Got a great idea? Get in touchLearn More

Our Recent Work

Studder What Else? We Have The Best Idea’s Around ;)

Making games requires passion, and we love making games. Studder is the result of a lot of crazy ideas and passion, and started with the making of Swipe Bomb. We are not the regular game developer, and we will not follow the regular path of one. Our goal is to have a lot of fun, while making great products. If we have fun making them, a lot of that positive energy and fun will be reflected in the results.

  • We love making games
  • Studder is independent and intends to stay such.
  • Our team consists of a great mix of talented, ambitious and thinking people, and we’re growing slow but steadily.

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